Water Heater Replacement

If a hot water heater breaks, it means serious trouble for a homeowner or business in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Replacing your water heater can be quite expensive, as the hot water heater replacement cost can be high due to the water heater cost itself and also due to the labor that is involved with installing the water heater in the basement, closet or part of the home where the hot water heater is kept. At P&D Mechanical we have installed many water heaters over the years and have seen just about every situation possible. We will help keep your costs down while still doing a quality install on the water heater.

That’s why you should give us a call at P&D Mechanical. We've been in business since 1969 and have earned a fantastic reputation in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area for providing high quality work for our customers at a very reasonable price. We are fully licensed local plumbing company. We work with a number of contractors, homeowners who are remodeling or building a new home in the Twin Cities area. Let P&D Mechanical install your hot water heater correctly from the very beginning and enjoy nice hot water for years to come.

So if your hot water heater is on it’s last leg or you just want a better more efficient water heater installed Contact Us today.


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