RPZ/Backflow Testing

Backflow prevention is critical in plumbing systems. Backflow occurs when contaminated water is able to flow back into the water supply, such as a faucet. This can be very serious, especially when dealing with serious contaminants such as human waste. Those in the Minneapolis and St Paul area looking for a local plumber experienced in testing for backflow and backflow prevention know they can trust P&D Mechanical to get the job done right.

Experience and Expertise

P&D Mechanical has been serving customers since 1969. We have earned a reputation as the professional and trustworthy company. While national plumbing companies often charge excessively high amounts, we at P&D Mechanical work to keep prices as low we can to be the best local, community provider. We value each customer who calls us and we place customer satisfaction and service as the highest priorities. When Minneapolis area locals contact the company, they know they will receive service from highly trained and experienced P&D Mechanical plumbers who have dedicated themselves to this area.

We are certified backflow testers & re-builders per ASSE standards.

Backflow Testing

Backflow can occur for a number of different reasons. In a typical plumbing system, pressure is maintained to keep the clean water flowing into the home or building. Various problems, such as frozen pipes, pipe leaks, or even unexpectedly high demand can cause this system to fail and backflow can occur. It is also important to test for backflow during major changes to the plumbing system, such as a home remodel. Backflow preventers are designed to protect people from contamination, but backflow testing is still critical to be sure that the system is working well. P&D Mechanical can help customers by testing their water supply to see if any contamination is occurring. P&D Plumbers can also help customers isolate the problem and determine the best way to correct it.

Backflow Preventer

P&D Mechanical plumbers work with customers and their individual water system to help repair any causes of backflow and determine the best backflow preventer to keep the problem from occurring again. Preventers are devices designed to prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction. There are different types of backflow preventers used for different parts of the water system. For example, RPZ backflow preventers are commonly used in areas where the risk of hazard is high, P&D Mechanical offers insight and experience to repair or replace backflow preventers.

When it comes to keeping a water supply secured and safe, preventing backflow is high on the list of priorities. Let P&D Mechanical help Minneapolis customers test for backflow and use the appropriate backflow preventer to keep their water supply healthy. We have the experience, expertise, and professionalism to get the job done affordable and done right. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.


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