Garbage Disposals

You may know the pain of having a broken or inefficient garbage disposer. You have to constantly unclog the disposer or find plastic bags or containers to hold the food waste. Ants and fruit flies collect in the kitchen as soon as you leave the room. If this sounds like your household, it's time to update your sink garbage disposal unit to one you can rely on.

Why You Need a Garbage Disposer

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 10 to 20 percent of household waste is food scraps. Putting whole scraps into a landfill creates greenhouse gases. Grinding the food scraps up and disposing it in the city sewer system allows municipal waste treatment facilities to manage it. Less stress on the landfills and the planet.

Types of Disposal Units

These were invented in 1927 and the basic design hasn't changed over the years. New features and larger motors have been added for convenience and efficiency. The common unit is a continuous feed model. A wall switch turns it on and you put the food down into the disposer. A less common version is the batch feed which lets you place the food scraps into the disposer chamber then close a lid to activate it. This is a good choice if you're concerned about little hands getting into the unit while it's on.

The motor of these units come in one-third to one horsepower. The more powerful the motor, the less jams will occur and the food scraps will be ground up finer. This means fewer clogged drains to deal with. The larger motor units also have larger grinding chambers. Noise levels can also be higher with a larger motor unless the unit is well insulated.

Every disposal unit should have a breaker switch on the motor that shuts off if it should get too hot. There should also be a manual way to reverse the grinder blades to remove clogged food materials.

Why Use P&D Mechanical?

Installing a new garbage disposal unit or replacing an old one can be time consuming and a little dangerous. You're working in an area with both water and electricity, not a safe combination. We have been installing, repairing and replacing garbage disposal systems since 1969 in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, along with various types of plumbing and home remodeling projects. We will help you select the best disposal unit for your home among the dozens available.

Contact Us for professional advise on which disposer to purchase and for safe and efficient installation. We've worked in Minneapolis homes just like yours for many years to make each home just a little more comfortable.


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