Steam Conversion Services in Minneapolis

Steam Conversion

Steam conversion systems are absolutely incredible. The biggest problem with a steam system for heating is that a lot of people do not understand them. The biggest reason why you want to keep your heat source as steam is because for many homes this is a very efficient way to provide heating. There are no health concerns from heat that is generated from a closed system. A modern HVAC system is a reliable system, but it is transferring heat by moving air around inside of your home. This means that all of the dust particles, pet dander, germs, and mold spores are actively flying through the air that you breath. It should be easy to draw the line to the health problems that an HVAC system can create.

Pluming work and Steam Conversion

When water heats up enough it changes from a liquid to a gas. That gas is then easily transported through the piping system where it begins to heat up the radiators throughout your home. Piping problems occur when there are leaks, when the pressure in the pipes becomes too high, and then replacement pipes are too rough on the inside for the steam to move efficiently. A well designed steam heating system does not require very much pressure for the gas (Steam) to travel through the pipes. A couple of pounds of pressure is all. Keeping a steam heating system up and running requires the knowledge of not just how the system works, but how to diagnose problems.

Simple is beautiful

Like we mentioned earlier, not a lot of people really don't understand how these systems work. That means that not a lot of plumbers can really fix them. Most of the systems we see have been patched together with ill-fitting pipes and replacement parts that provide too much pressure in the pipes. A lot of these repairs are easy to make. The result is a system that will last for another hundred years. The trick though is again in the knowledge of how to properly diagnose problems and then perform the plumbing work needed to make the system like new again.


Why Choose us For your Steam Conversation Repairs

P & D Mechanical has been working on steam heating systems for over 40 years. These are one of the most often overlooked systems in homes today. P & D Mechanical has the knowledge and the skill to properly diagnose low pressure and high pressure steam heating systems. We have the skills to repair your system and the integrity to do it correctly. Don't throw out your steam conversion system just because your local plumber can't fix it.


Contact us, will repair your steam conversion system, and we can help save you money on converting to an HVAC system.

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