Heat Pumps Installation - Minneapolis

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

Minneapolis P&D Mechanical Offering Professional Geothermal Heating Installation

In business for over 40 years, P&D Mechanical has been offering professional geothermal heating installation and repair to residents throughout the St. Paul, Minneapolis and metro areas of Minnesota. We work with general contractors and renovators to provide a comfortable indoor environment everyone will enjoy.

We install geothermal heating in both new construction and existing buildings. Types of pumps we provide installation and service for include:
  • Horizontal ground loops
  • Vertical ground loops
  • Pond/lake systems

  • P&D Mechanical Can Have Your Industrial Building Equipped With A Heat Pump

    Throw out your old high heating bills and instead look into geothermal heating installed and serviced by P&D Mechanical. We pride ourselves as a high quality  heating, renovation and plumbing services offering professional and dedicated work to all of our clients. It is how we have created a fantastic reputation with repeat customers who are extremely happy with our services.

    So contact us today at P&D Mechanical to request an evaluation and quote for a geothermal heating system before the extreme temperatures hit the Minneapolis region. 
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