Heating Systems in Minnesota

The winters in Minnesota are incredibly cold, which should come as no surprise to anyone. This is especially true in Minneapolis / St. Paul, better known as the Twin Cities, where millions of people brave sub zero temperatures for many months out of the year. The only thing that really makes this arctic cold rolling down from the North Pole through Canada bearable during the winter months are the high quality heating systems people have in their homes, businesses and apartments, allowing the inside temperature to be quite temperate and normal even though it’s colder than a meat locker outside. These systems consist of heating work like geothermal heat pumps and boilers of all types and when these heat pumps and heaters break, it can make the building quite uncomfortable, if not harmful to those who are spending time within it.

We’ve been doing business in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area for over 40 years. We have a lot of experience doing heating work, supplying boiler replacements and fixing equipment like geothermal heat pumps. We are fully licensed for this work within the state of Minnesota, meaning we not only know what we are doing and can fix it, but have state approval for the work we do. Many of our regular customers are repeat customers as well, knowing that we get the job done quickly, efficiently and for a low cost.

We at P&D Mechanical are known for providing high quality work at a reasonable price, purposefully pricing our services and expertise below what the national chains charge for their work.

Replacing heat pumps or boilers is also common when someone is remodeling a home or apartment complex, as these appliances will have been installed many years before and probably need an upgrade of some kind, if not total replacement. If your geothermal heat pumps or heating system has been acting up or you know it’s very old, it may be a good idea to give us at P&D Mechanical a call, so that we can make sure it’s not about to break, leaving you literally out in the cold. At the very least, it will allow us to establish a relationship that will save you money and headaches over plumbing for years to come in the future.

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