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Three Innovative Heating Solutions you Should Install Before Winter Starts

With forward-thinking heating work like radiant floor heating, you’ll be all set to roll into winter comfy as can be!

Three Plumbing Problems That Cause Mold

Well-cared-for plumbing work doesn’t often harbor mold, but when it does, watch out for your water piping—things can get gross! 

Why Spring Is the Best Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Plumbing work can be done year-round, but working with water piping and the like certainly becomes easier come spring—and you’ll save more on appliances, too! 

What Is Chilled Water Piping?

Chilled water piping: don’t we all have it? If you’re not in the field of plumbing work or water piping, you might think this—and we wouldn't blame you! Since a majority of households have ready access to cold water, it might seem logical to assume that the water piping that supplies it is also chilled.

3 Reasons to Hire P&D Mechanical for Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you starting off 2021 with a bathroom remodeling? While it’s not January anymore, that get-’er-done energy can still flow into the next month—as can the project yourself if you’re not careful. While a DIY approach both shows grit and work ethic, bathroom remodels are complicated and frequently multifaceted projects, ones that often get more complex than originally planned.

Four Tips for Holiday Plumbing Harmony

The holidays are a joyous time for many of us. Family, gifts, and good spirits abound, even during 2020! However, as happy as this season may be for you, your plumbing work might think differently. All that extra cooking, cleaning, and relatives staying over adds up to a whole lot more usage of and strain on your water piping, drastically increasing the potential for breakages, and you don’t want to deal with water piping woes during this busy time of year!

Winterizing the Plumbing at Your Cabin

As the summer winds down and fall begins, a sad reality approaches: you’ll soon need to close up your three-season cabin for the winter. While you’re busy getting the most out of your cabin before the cold sets in, now isn’t the time to shirk maintenance tasks—namely, winterizing your plumbing. A burst pipe is not something you want to stumble upon come spring, when all you want is to get back out on the lake!

Saving Money on Your Summer Water Bills

Times are tough, monetarily speaking, these days, and it sometimes can seem like the weather outside is only getting hotter. Of course, your water bills are going up! From your kids running through the sprinklers to the increased showers you’re probably taking to keep yourself clean, you’re using more water each and every day.

Plumbing Work Problems Older Houses Face

Whether it’s a quaint old farmhouse or a vintage chic condominium, there’s a certain kind of charm that old dwellings carry with them. Unfortunately, there’s a certain maintenance requirement to them, too—namely, when it comes to your plumbing work. Outdated water piping and old appliances mean that your old house faces a unique set of problems that newer homes may not. Failure to attend to these problems when they are small arguably creates a larger risk of damage than in new homes, as old pipes are decidedly less hardy than their newer brethren and are more liable to break under strain.

Proper Water Heater Care

It’s easy to take hot water for granted, especially if you’ve never lived without it. On a day-to-day basis, we don’t even think about everything our water heater does! This utility makes everything from washing our dishes to washing our hands possible, not to mention hot showers after a hard day’s work. Although your water heater may seem invisible, it’s crucial that you learn how to take care of it, lest you find yourself in need of water heater replacement. Going without hot water for even a day can be exceedingly stressful.

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