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How Your Home’s Water Can Become Contaminated

Contamination – the very word can send shivers down any smart homeowner’s spine. Indeed, it’s used in countless industries and contexts, but the contamination you, as a Minnesotan family, need to worry about is water contamination. When your plumbing work or water piping becomes infected with pathogens (bacteria or protozoa, to name a few) or other unsanitary particles, your family can quickly and easily become sick – and not just with a cold. Contamination can lead to a variety of deadly waterborne diseases that require immediate medical attention, and which are doubly harmful in the immunocompromised, young, and old.

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3 Summertime Plumbing Issues to Look Out For

As the weather warms and you and your family begin to spend more and more time outside, perhaps the last thing on your mind is your plumbing work. Long hikes and lakeside vacations can quickly mean your home’s water piping falls by the wayside. It’s for this reason that summertime is the perfect season for plumbing issues to crop up, resulting in water damage and even mold infestations if you’re unlucky. The heat and humidity that come with the Minnesotan warm season will only exacerbate these issues, so it’s crucial that you learn to spot summer plumbing issues before they snowball and require costly remediation services.

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