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When it Comes to Plumbing, Cheaper isn’t Always Better

With the state of the world as it is, it’s understandable to want to do a little bargain shopping for things you’d normally spend a little more on. From buying off-brand foods to switching to a cheaper cell service provider, your family might be making any number of changes in an attempt to live more frugally.

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Is Your Plumbing Work Harming the Environment?

Our planet really is something amazing. From the smallest bacterium to the largest whale, each and every living creature, including humans, coexists in a miraculous balance with those around it. To respect and do their part in maintaining this balance, many people have taken to eco-conscious habits, such as using public transportation instead of driving to work or recycling things they’d usually throw away. Indeed, it’s important to reduce the strain we put on the environment, lest we cause the extinction of some of our favorite creatures.

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