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How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Plumbing

If you take care of your plumbing work and water piping, they work like an old pair of favorite boots: reliably, efficiently, and comfortably. Your plumbing will last years if properly maintained, too, just like the aforementioned footwear! However, none of these items hold up to any kind of strain if illy taken care of; leather boots will crack and tear without oiling, and your pipes can shake from your walls and burst open.

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First Aid for a Burst Pipe

As we head towards winter and with colder temperatures on the horizon, this plumbing-work disaster becomes all the more common. Ice builds up inside your water piping, putting increased strain on it and eventually leading to leaks of massive proportions. While ice buildup isn’t the only cause of burst pipes, given the wrath of Minnesotan winters, it certainly is a common one.

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