When it comes to designing your kitchen, you want a layout that is functional and easy to navigate. Positioning your large and small appliances plays a large role in how easy it is to cook and clean your kitchen.


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The Kitchen Work Triangle


If you’ve been the kitchen long enough, you’ve probably heard of the kitchen triangle. The concept is relatively simple and goes like this:


The triangle is a concept used to determine how efficient your layout will be. Think about the primary tasks you perform in the kitchen. They generally revolve around these three components:


●        The sink

●        The refrigerator

●        The Stove


If you position these three items perfectly in the kitchen, they form a triangle. Although you want the components to be close, you don’t want them in proximity. If they are too close, it will kill your overall kitchen design.


Although the work triangle works for most kitchen designs, your floor and wall layout may not accommodate it. Thus, the work triangle is essential, but it’s not the only solution.


Keeping Appliances Within Arm’s Reach


If you want to optimize kitchen efficiency, you can start by making sure all appliances are within arms reach.


Let’s say you have an island in the middle of the kitchen, and that is where you do your pre-cook preparation. Ideally, you want the appliances arranged something like this:


●        The stove would be to your back. All you would have to do is turn around and place your prepared food on or in a cooking utensil.

●        The refrigerator would be to your left or right (which hand do you usually lift first to grab items?).

●        The sink would be opposite the refrigerator.

●        The microwave would be above or beside the stove.

●        The dishwasher would be next to the sink.

●        Strategically place all other small appliances where they will be easily accessed.


Clearing Your Route


The kitchen should be as clutter-free as possible. Make sure the route between your three work centers — prep, cooking, and cleanup — stays clear and direct.


For larger kitchens, these work centers may be divided into different zones with their own individual work triangles. A prep sink might be located next to the refrigerator, while the microwave and cleanup zone might be closer to the main sink.


Much of it has to do with the size of your kitchen and floor plan.


Don’t Forget Your Plumbing Layout


Something also that may govern your appliance and sink positioning is your plumbing system’s current layout. In most instances, we can reconfigure the layout if necessary. However, some kitchen designs may prove to be difficult or impossible to reroute the pipes.


If you want to reshuffle your appliances, a P&D Mechanic can inspect your plumbing network to determine if the idea is feasible. We can help you come up with some viable solutions for remodeling your kitchen.


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