Bathrooms are by nature, hot spots, for the flow of water. This is why it is important to seal your bathroom so water doesn’t leak through. Leaky bathrooms contain mold, structural damage, and the threat of pest invasion.


P&D Mechanical can help you seal your bathroom and keep it watertight. Below are some ways that we can prevent water from coming in or going out of your bathroom. If you have any questions, feel free to call us.



To seal your bathroom, we will first start with the walls. Both shower and bathtub water have a powerful impact on walls. Shower water is elevated due to the shower head being so high up. Therefore, the water is continuously hitting areas that could allow water penetration.


Those areas include:


●        Corners

●        Tile grout

●        Wall baseline

●        Fixture opening

●        The tub baseline on the floor


These are the critical areas that we will inspect to see if any water has leaked in or out. We usually check for cracks or openings in the caulk. If we find any, we can recaulk the entire the bathroom. We can also inspect the grout on the walls. Again, if there are any cracks or opening, we can replace the old grout with new grout.



If a carpet is covering your bathroom floor, we recommend that you replace it with tile. Carpet collects moisture. Over the years mold can accumulate underneath the carpet and create a highly toxic environment.


Even if you steam clean your carpets, you are still creating an environment where humidity and moisture are always an issue.


We recommend that you install tile in your bathroom. Honed tile is slip-resistant. The grout will also give you traction. The best feature about tile, however, is that it is waterproof. When water lands on the surface, it has nowhere to go. You will eventually wipe it up, or it will evaporate.


We can make sure that your entire floor area is sealed off so water cannot escape. If you have old tile with lots of cracks and holes, we recommend that you consider replacing it.



Fixtures are notorious for leaking. There are several for this, but the most common reasons are that connections become loose. If you have an older plumbing system, you may notice that water collects around your toilet or underneath your sink.


If you find leaks in this area, you can contact a P&D Mechanical technician. We can replace the entire system with either metal or PVC piping. We recommend that you replace the fixtures because once they start leaking, it’s hard to fix them permanently.


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