You rely on your main water line to bring fresh water to your home. If it becomes compromised, you could end up with expensive damages. If a leak goes unnoticed, you may be left with standing water around your foundation or mold growth within your home, both of which can be difficult to remediate.


At P&D Mechanical, we want to stress the importance of fully functional plumbing, not only for the integrity of your home but for your family’s health. If you suspect that your main water line is leaking, it’s time to contact the professionals. Here are the telltale signs you should look for.


Water in the Street or Yard

One of the most common signs of a water main leak is water accumulation in areas where the pipe runs. When you have an underground leak, and the water has nowhere to go, it will make its way upward. Such a leak could result in bubbling water in the street or unexplained wet areas or sinkholes in your yard. If you notice any unusual water accumulation, contact a professional who can investigate the source of the leak.


Unexplained Water Noises

Gurgling sounds coming from sinks or toilets may be an indication of a leaking water main. Other sounds to be wary of include:


●        Rumbling

●        Whistling

●        Banging

●        Clanking


While rumbling tends to be the most common indication of a water main leak, any other unusual noises may indicate damage to your pipes. If you hear a noise when the water isn’t running, you should contact a plumbing professional to have your home inspected. You may not be able to diagnose a water main leak from above ground, but a trained plumbing repair professional will know exactly what to look for.


Unusually High Water Bills

If your water bill has been steadily climbing or is suddenly higher than usual, it’s likely you have plumbing damage. If you’ve ruled out leaking toilets, sinks, and showers, you may have a water main leak. If possible, take a look at your water meter to see if it spins even when water is not being used. If it does, then water may be prematurely exiting your pipes. Detecting an underground leak in your water piping is difficult, so you’ll need to contact a qualified professional.


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