You walk into your utility room, and suddenly you hear it: little popping noises coming from your water heater. You may wonder if this is normal, but rest assured, these noises are a relatively common occurrence among both gas and electric water heaters. Over time, water heaters can develop buildup that causes these sounds to emerge at frequent intervals. At P&D Mechanical, we know it’s disconcerting to find that your appliances are making peculiar sounds. That’s why we’ve put together a rundown of why your water heater might be making strange noises. Read on to find out what causes those popping noises and what we can do about it.


Mineral Sediment in the Water

Regardless of where your water comes from, it contains various minerals. These minerals are usually water-soluble, but when exposed to warmth from the water heater, they can cling together. When the water inside the tank cools, they sink to the bottom and remain there. Each time your water heater warms the incoming water, these minerals are forced upward when the water begins to bubble and boil. To remove the sediment, you should call a plumbing professional to have the tank periodically flushed.


Why is Sediment a Problem?

If you have an electric water heater, an electric heating element will be present at the bottom of the tank. If too much sediment builds up, it can cover the heating element and cause it to burn out. Excess sediment can also slow the transfer of heat from a gas burner to the water inside the tank. When this occurs, the tank can overheat, and its inner lining may sustain damage. Over time, this can weaken the outer steel and may result in leakage. At that point, you’ll need to contact professionals for a water heater replacement.


Popping Noises May Indicate a Serious Problem

While small popping noises aren’t usually serious, continuous boiling sounds are cause for concern. Your water heater contains a pressure release valve that allows steam to release from inside the tank. But, if the valve malfunctions, it can no longer allow steam to escape. If steam continues to build up inside your water heater, it can rupture, causing a serious safety concern for anyone nearby. If you notice your water heater emitting boiling sounds, turn it off immediately and contact a plumbing professional.


Water Heater Replacement and Repair from P&D Mechanical

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