Water contamination is something that you may encounter every day in your home. Water contamination is anything in your water that is harmful to your body. Contaminants can range from salt to oil to human waste in the water. If you are worried that your water is contaminated, let P&D Mechanical help solve your plumbing issues. Contaminants can enter your water supply through various ways, such as leaky pipes, changes in water pressure, non-point contamination, and backflow. Here are the four ways contaminants can enter your water supply:


1. Leaks in Your Water Pipes

Openings in your pipeline allow water to leak out, but also allow bacteria, waste, and viruses into your pipes. These harmful substances will contaminate your water and affect your health. Some of the illnesses that can occur from contamination can be serious. Our plumbers at P&D Mechanical can fix your leaky pipes and keep your water safe from outside contaminants.


2. Water Pressure in Your Water Piping

Microbes can attach themselves to the inside of pipes and multiply. When there is a sudden change in water pressure, these microbes can detach from the pipe wall and enter the water stream. They can find their way into your home. Pump and valve failure, or fire rescue teams pumping a lot of water to fight a fire, can cause a drop in water pressure.


3. Non-Point Contamination

Non-point contamination is caused by runoff water from farmers, paved roads, and industrialized movement. These contaminants can enter the water stream anywhere, as it is hard to pinpoint where these pollutants enter in your plumbing system. Harmful materials and compounds enter the water system through melting snow, run-off rainwater, and running rivers. If your water supply is downstream from a factory or mine, contaminants can enter your water supply by flowing down from the factory.


4. Backflow and Backflow Testing

Backflow is when contaminants are allowed back into the water system. A faucet is one of the ways that contaminants are released back into your water supply. A sudden change in water pressure, leaking pipes, and major plumbing changes can lead to backflow. Backflow testing should be performed if any of these incidents occur. P&D offers professional backflow testing for your entire plumbing system. One of our plumbing technicians can test your water and make sure that it is safe for your family.


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