Does your plumbing system meet the needs of your current workforce? As your business grows and you hire additional employees, your existing plumbing system may no longer be sufficient for your staff’s requirements. We can help you alleviate lines for the restroom and inadequate kitchen facilities by remodeling existing facilities and providing fixtures and plumbing extensions where you need them. P&D Mechanical delivers complete plumbing installation for commercial properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Contact us today for kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well as plumbing system extension.


Consequences of Inadequate Plumbing Systems

When your plumbing cannot adequately accommodate your employees, you’ll begin to notice problems throughout the network. For instance:


●        Backed up plumbing system from overuse

●        Worn out fixtures and toilets

●        Increase in your water bill each month

●        Water heater failing to produce enough hot water

●        Fluctuations in water pressure


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

When upgrading your plumbing, a smart place to start is in remodeling and restructuring the system in the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the immediate points of contact between your employees and the needed water. Remodeling these rooms requires designing the system around the daily activity of your employees in the workplace. A P&D Mechanical plumbing technician can analyze your plumbing to determine where we need to make the upgrades. We can then install new plumbing and reroute the network as necessary to bring your system up to date.


Sanitation & Your Plumbing System

An old worn out plumbing system that can not handle the needs of your staff is more than just an inconvenience. It can also lead to sanitation and health issues. If the pipes are always backing up, then sewage can find its way back into the building. Old corroded pipes contain contaminants that can get in the water, thus, making it undrinkable. Dirty plumbing can lead to a hazardous work environment and unhealthy employees.


Inadequate Plumbing Costs Money

When employees use more water than what a plumbing system can reasonably provide, you’ll notice that the cost of using the plumbing will skyrocket. You’ll see an increase in plumbing repairs, upgrades, system replacements, and, of course, your utility bills. All of these can add up to a significant expenditure that sucks money out of your business. Your best option is to contact us for a plumbing inspection and the appropriate upgrades that can meet your employees’ needs.


P&D Mechanical Keeps Productivity Flowing

If you think that your employees could use an adequate plumbing system in your facilities, then contact P&D Mechanical. We specialize in plumbing installation, repairs, and replacement for residential and commercial properties across the Twin Cities. To schedule an inspection or a repair, call us at 763-533-2218.

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