You may be experiencing numerous problems in your plumbing caused by outdated pipes and components in your home. The question is how can you tell if your plumbing system needs attention? P&D Mechanical can inspect your plumbing and diagnose potential faults before they strike. We can upgrade your plumbing counter common problems that come with older pipes, connections, and septic systems. A call to P&D Mechanical today can help you avoid expensive repairs down the road.


How to Tell if Your Plumbing is Outdated

There are several signs that indicate trouble may be ahead for your plumbing and heating system. If you notice any of these four symptoms, you should call us right away to schedule an inspection. 


1.      Loss of pressure. Have you noticed a significant drop in your water pressure? If your pipes are not maintaining consistent pressure, there is a problem somewhere in your system. Loss of pressure could be coming from the main line or your water heater may not be working.


2.      Fluctuating Temperatures. Is the hot water in shower suddenly turning frigid? Sudden drops in temperature indicate an old worn out water heater. We can evaluate the water heater to see if it needs repairs or if you need new water heater installation.


3.      Leaks and Drips. Leaks and drips often go unnoticed until they’ve caused structural damage in your home. The presence of water in the house can lead to deterioration in the framework and mold development. If the leak is under the house, we’ll need to fix it right away to avoid flooding.


4.      Neglect. When was the last time a plumbing technician inspected your plumbing? If it’s been a few years, your system may be suffering. We can assess your system to determine if any upgrades are necessary.


The Solution: Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

The best way to keep your plumbing system current is to contact a P&D Mechanical technician to come out and perform a point-by-point inspection of your entire system. We can identify areas where you need system replacement, and then install new piping and components in the plumbing. Your plumbing network will perform like new once again. A fresh update to your plumbing can make your system safer to use while adding overall value to your entire home.


P&D Mechanical Can Bring Your Plumbing Up To Date

P&D Mechanical can assist you with all your plumbing needs including new plumbing installation, repairs, and system replacement. We provide a comprehensive service of plumbing and heating work for residential properties in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding area. To schedule service for your home, call us today at 763-533-2218, or you can message us on our contact page.

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