Your plumbing system will not always alarm you when something’s wrong. Some problems could linger for months before you discover that there is something wrong. Other symptoms will reveal that there is an issue with your plumbing as soon as it occurs. Below are some common signs that there is a problem with your system. If you think that your plumbing is not working correctly or it is damaged, contact a P & D Mechanical technician right away. We’ll come to your home and inspect your plumbing to determine what we need to fix.


Low Water Pressure

A plumbing system that contains loose connections, leaks, or busted pipes will reduce the amount of pressure coming through the network. The pressure could be low enough to keep you from taking a shower, washing clothes, or using the dishwasher. Although not all signs of water pressure are detrimental, you need to be aware that your plumbing could be on the verge of total failure.


The Appearance of Rust

Are you noticing rusty spots around the house or outside around the base of the foundation? It could be a sign that your plumbing system is outdated. Although we may not need to replace the entire system, we may need to replace some components of the piping. Rust can get into your water and be hazardous to your health. To avoid future problems, call a P & D technician to look at the issue.


Wet Spots on the Ceiling, Floor, and Walls

Wet spots are always a clear indication that there is a leak in your roof or your plumbing. If the spots are along the floor or the base of the wall, it’s likely that there’s a plumbing issue. We can identify where the leak is coming from and make the necessary corrections in the plumbing. If you spot a leak, you should contact a P & D Mechanical technician immediately. Leaks only get worse and become more costly.


Strange Noise

The surge of water coming through the pipes is what makes loud clunking noises. It could mean that the water pressure is not correctly adjusted. It could also mean that you have a blockage in the pipes. Some older pipes will make noise due to their instability. In any case, we’ll need to adjust or upgrade the pipes.


Dirty Water

Murky or dirty water will usually appear in pipes that haven’t you haven't used in a few days. The dark water will flush out after you turn on the faucet. If it doesn’t wash out, then something has invaded the water system. Do not drink the water. You should contact a P & D Mechanical specialist immediately and report the problem. It could be as severe as something in the sewer treatment plant in Minneapolis or St. Paul.


P & D Mechanical is Here When You Need Plumbing Repairs

When you need your plumbing system repaired, call P & D Mechanical. Our certified mechanics can help you with all your plumbing issues. We specialize in plumbing work, water heater replacement, toilet repair, water piping, and RPZ/backflow testing. To schedule an inspection and repair contact us at 763-533-2218, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide service for all residential properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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