If you are getting ready to launch your upcoming bathroom remodel, then you’ll need to know which plumbing components need to be updated. While some upgrades will improve the bathroom design, others will enhance the plumbing’s performance. P&D Mechanical specializes in bathroom remodeling. Our contractors are ready to help you with your project from start to finish.


Which Upgrades are the Most Important?

Although any renovation to your bathroom is a practical investment, some upgrades are more important than others. Determining where the priorities lie, depends on the vision you have for your bathroom makeover as well as the condition of the plumbing. In most cases, the homes we work on throughout Minneapolis require these five updates:


1.      Hidden Pipes. The pipeline that runs through the walls, in the concrete foundation, or under the house, is in need of replacing. Years of neglect and lack of proper maintenance have allowed the pipes to become corroded and worn out. Before you begin with the cosmetic changes in your bathroom, we can inspect the plumbing network to determine which, if any, pipes, fixtures, or connections we can replace.

2.      Toilet. Toilets seem to last forever. And, they regularly do. But while they last forever, they don’t perform well forever. Old toilets can suffer from leaks in porcelain, faulty flushing systems, lack of floor stability, and stains from rust and water. Old toilets are also inefficient because they use more water per flush than newer toilets. We can help you pick out the right toilet for your home and install it anywhere in the bathroom that you want.

3.      Floor/Main Drain. The floor drain catches everything. If you have a drain that backs up regularly, it may be damaged or clogged. You can’t see the damage because the pipe is in the ground. Frequent backups, however, will reveal that something is either blocking the passageway such as a tree root or that there are broken pipes that we need to fix.

4.      Shower/Bathtub. Showers and bathtubs get a lot of use. Over time you may notice that the surface of your shower or tub is chipped, scratched, or has tiny holes or cracks in it. In some cases, we can repair the damage. A better long-term solution, however, is for us to replace the entire tub, as cracks and holes are a sign of surface deterioration.

5.      Fixtures. No bathroom upgrade is complete without brand new room accessories. After all, if you’re going to repaint the walls, install new tile, change out the vanity, and pull the old toilet out, you might as start fresh with some new faucets, faucet handles, drain covers, and water valves. They modernize your bathroom as well as any other component in the room and give it the finishing touch you’ve been looking for.


Let’s Get Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Started!

When you partner with P&D Mechanical to remodel your bathroom, you get the added benefit of working with skilled, seasoned professionals who can help you through every phase of your project. P&D Mechanical is committed to excellence in every facet of our work. We bring that excellence into your renovation to deliver a product that you will be 100% satisfied with. Call us at 763-533-2218 and let’s get you started. We provide complete bathroom remodeling for both residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota!

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