Of all the components in your plumbing system during the winter, the water heater is your most important. Without it, you and your family will be taking freezing showers during freezing temperatures. To keep your water heater operating in peak performance from November to March, we recommend contacting a P&D Mechanical technician to come out and inspect your unit. We can make the necessary adjustments to your heater that will protect it through the cold season.


Insulate All Exterior Pipes

If your plumbing system runs under the house or around the outside, then you’ll need to insulate it right away. Freezing temperatures can cause your pipes to burst. Once this happens, then the water heater cannot do its job. Your only option is to hire one of our technicians to fix the pipes. We offer emergency services for all our clients. Therefore, if your pipes burst, then contact us immediately.


Make Sure the Water is Flowing

Any time the temperature falls below 32 degrees, you should keep the warm water flowing through the pipes. We can inspect your entire water heater system to make sure that all the components are working properly. This will ensure that you have plenty of warm water on the coldest nights.


Drain All Sediment From the Tank

The sediment in your tank should be drained and properly cleaned out at least once a year. We can drain your tank and flush out all the sediment so that your water heater operates more efficiently. Clearing all the sediment will also reduce the possibility of your tank corroding.


Water Heater Replacement

If you own an older water heater, then you may want to consider upgrading to a modern unit. Newer water heaters are far more cost-effective and will last you for at least a decade. We can replace your old water heater with a brand new one if need be. You’ll be ready for winter when it hits.


Prepare for Winter with P&D Mechanical

At P&D Mechanical we can help you with your entire plumbing system. We offer plumbing installation, repair, drain cleaning, and total replacement. You can depend on our entire team of technicians for dependable work, quality efficient service, and affordable rates. Call us today at 763-533-2218 and let us help you with your next water heater project. We service all residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. 

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