Every homeowner needs a good plumbing contractor from time to time, whether to conduct routine maintenance or make emergency repairs. A great plumbing service can conduct odd repairs most people would never imagine might take place, but there are other more common plumbing system failures which you'll likely need eventually in your home.


Water Heater: Repair or Replace

Water heaters are known for having need of a few typical repairs. If you simply don't have hot water, but the heater isn't leaking water, the heater can probably be fixed. A few issues can lead to such a failure, but the lower heating element is usually the prime culprit in such a case. If you have some hot water but seem to run out regularly, the upper element is likely blown as it heats the water coming into the tank.


Unfortunately, there are times when the water heater needs a full replacement. In the above case of not having enough hot water, another cause may be a buildup of corrosion in the tank, meaning it needs to be replaced. There are ways to drain and flush the tank, but typically if it's old enough to have such a problem there will be a visible leak, and the heater needs replacement. In general, a leak might turn out to be a seal or bad connection, but usually, is caused by rust compromising the actual structure of the tank.


Leaking Pipes and Faucets

A slow drip from a faucet is annoying; a leaking pipe is potentially devastating to your house. Each needs to be repaired quickly to save water and money. Leaks always get worse and eventually cause damage leading to more expensive repairs if you postpone them. It requires a licensed professional to properly conduct plumbing repairs in order to assure the job is done right the first time without causing any more problems.


Backflow Testing

In a worst case scenario, a leaking pipe can further lead to unwanted backflow. It can also be caused by a frozen pipe or a high demand on your system, perhaps if you've had multiple overnight guests. Backflow from drains is not just disgusting, but a potential source of serious health contaminants. It is important to have routine testing to assure wastewater is going through the lines to the sewer or septic system as intended, and if needed, install a new backflow prevention system.


Be sure to contact a reputable plumbing contractor such as P&D Mechanical Contracting in Robbinsdale, MN should your house need emergency repairs or routine maintenance. You'll find our technicians to be professional and courteous while caring for your house quickly so you can get back to life as usual. Go ahead and save our number, 763-533-2218, so you'll be prepared if an unexpected emergency arises.

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