A chilled water system is an air conditioning system that works similar to heated flooring. Instead of raising the temperature, a chilled water system is designed to reduce the temperature. The process is simple: water is cooled down to roughly 40 degrees. It is then channeled through a network of pipes that stretch along the inside the walls of a building. The purpose of the system is to cool the building down in a more efficient manner than a standard HVAC system. This method of cooling a building has many benefits and advantages.


Significant Energy Reduction

Although an HVAC system can adequately cool a building, it utilizes a tremendous amount of energy, can be considerably wasteful. P&D Mechanical offers a more efficient solution by implementing a chilled water piping system into your residential or commercial structure. You will notice a drastic reduction in your energy bills annually regardless of how small or large your building.


Pure Water is a Healthier Solution

Why do we recommend water as an alternative to cooler air? Because it is a much healthier and environmentally-friendly solution. Unlike other chemicals and coolants, water is non-corrosive and non-toxic. It will not cause the pipes to deteriorate over time. It is a much healthier solution when compared to sodium chloride, ethylene, methanol, or glycerin.



Did you know that cooling equipment lasts longer when being chilled by water that it does when being chilled by air? The entire system is far more durable than conventional air-driven cooling equipment. What this means for both home and business owners is that you will spend less money in repairs and maintenance over the years. P&D Mechanical technicians install chilled water piping equipment throughout the walls inside the building. This strategic positioning automatically keeps the components from becoming exposed to the outside elements, and, naturally, deteriorating at a faster rate.


Noise Reduction

Few things are as irritating as a noisy air conditioner. Water-cooled chillers operate in a quiet manner, because there are less moving parts and no noise-generating mechanisms inside the walls. We go one step further by strategically channeling the water so that it doesn’t splash as much as it moves through the pipes. But even an occasional water splash doesn’t compare to a noisy HVAC system. We have installed these systems in facilities such as libraries, schools, and hospitals where noise reduction was crucial. They work perfectly!


P&D Mechanical Installs Chilled Water Piping Systems

With all the features and benefits of chilled water piping, you owe it to yourself to consider implementing a system into your building. P&D Mechanical specializes in chilled water piping installation, ongoing preventative maintenance, and full system repair for residential and commercial properties in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. We have both the advanced technology and experience to custom fit a chilled water network through the walls of your property. Call us today at 763-533-2218 for a free estimate.

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