Nothing is quite as exciting as planning and conducting home remodeling projects. You've probably had ideas for upgrades you've always wanted for your home. Perhaps you've been saving money before taking them on, building equity in the home, or just waiting for children to grow up. When the time comes, you'll likely discuss your ideas with a contractor who will add ideas of their own based on experience and what they've known to work for other people. Typically, remodeling projects start with the kitchen and bathrooms and require an experienced plumbing contractor.


Bathroom Upgrades

Although a new paint job can certainly spruce up a bathroom, a full remodel entails much more. A new vanity complete with sinks, countertop, and faucets can change the entire feel of the room. A modern toilet introduces water efficiency and can provide the comfort of a heated seat. A bidet, popular in Europe is becoming more popular in American bathrooms whether as a separate unit or integrated with the toilet. A new shower can be built from scratch or pre-manufactured and installed to add features and comfort, and a new bathtub installation can be a luxurious new addition to a bathroom. There are endless available options and your contractor will help you decide which ones will best suit your needs.


Kitchen Solutions

Much like bathrooms, a full kitchen remodel is more than a paint job and new floor. New cabinetry can allow for an additional faucet, or a kitchen island can include a water source to provide an extra food prep or dining area for your kitchen. New sinks can have built in soap and hand lotion dispensers to get rid of clutter, and they can be a different finish than what came with the house. You may find different faucet shapes to be more useful for your daily cooking and cleaning needs. Additionally, dishwashers and refrigerators are available in eco-friendly designs which save water and electricity while performing their jobs more efficiently.


Although a carpenter can conduct certain aspects of a kitchen or bath remodel, you're going to need a plumbing contractor to finish the project. A reputable contractor such as P&D Mechanical Contracting can address all your needs and conduct the job quickly and efficiently. Contact us at 763-533-2218 to have a representative meet with you at your convenience to discuss available options, scheduling, and pricing for your next remodel job.

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