As nice as they may be for date night, modern day America doesn't rely on wood burning fireplaces to heat the home. There is an expectation of a heating system within a house which is reliable and assures a level of comfort the homeowner has grown accustomed to. There are different means of accomplishing such a goal according to the needs of your house.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the paradigm of modern building solutions, simply because they are far more efficient than previous oil or gas systems and are less expensive than dedicated air conditioning cooling units as a separate system. Heat pumps function on a very basic concept of moving the cold air into the house during the summer and warm air into the the house during the winter and reverse the process according to immediate needs. Although the technical schematics of a heat pump seem difficult for the layman rather than an engineer to understand, the bottom line is it keeps your home comfortable.


Steamed Conversion Systems

To again mention the engineer's perspective, a steamed conversion system transfers energy to heat. Heating water beyond boiling and then transferring the steam to locations which hold the steam and distribute its heat is an efficient means of heating your home. The system requires very little maintenance and is a reliable heat source for your home, or can be used to supplement the heat in the rooms you spend time in while a heat pump maintains a cool but comfortable temperature in the rest of the house.


Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is an option for the entire house but is often better used as a heat source for a bathroom or side room as needed. Most houses have a “cold spot, ” and radiant heating solves such a problem. It warms the floor, or perhaps a wall if you have a creative designer, and provides a subtle warmth throughout the home. Radiant heating will make you forego the fluffy bedroom slippers you once wore for fun and comfort but instead walk barefoot to enjoy the warmth as it rises from the floor and heats your home. Even if you prefer nice slippers, you'll enjoy a warm floor when you step out of the bath and begin to get dressed for the day.


It's important to discuss your needs with a reputable contractor such as P&D Mechanical to determine what has worked best for others in your situation and what system will best serve your needs. To learn more about how we can help you customize your heating system for your home, visit us online or give us a call at 763-533-2218.

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