Remodeling your kitchen means you can add in some of those features that you've always wanted. Today's top kitchen trends not only make your life easier now, they can also increase the appeal and value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future.


1.     Floating Kitchen Island
Having a kitchen island is an invaluable tool when you need more space. One that is anchored to one place in your kitchen can be limiting though when the space could be better utilized elsewhere. A floating kitchen island can be moved in different configurations to allow for more flexibility and productivity in this very busy room. 

2.     Faucets Activated by Touch
How many times have you been in the middle of preparing a meal and had to wash your hands only to realize they are covered in food? Either you'd have to touch the faucet with your dirty hands or else you'd need to do some acrobatic-like moves to turn the faucet on with your elbow, chin or some other body part. A touch-activated faucet eliminates this common problem, leading to a cleaner, more healthy kitchen. 

3.     Drawers Within a Drawer
Building in a few extra wide drawers that conceal smaller storage options behind their facades streamlines your kitchen activities. Open one drawer to access different cubbies that house all your necessities also helps reduce clutter. 

4.     Build in Custom Stations
The ends of your counter or island are the perfect places to build in a station that's customized for your needs. Have pets? A pet feeding station provides a dedicated location for all your pet's supplies -- food and water bowls, kibble and treats -- to keep things neat and readily accessible. Other options include a paper towel dispenser that's built into your kitchen's design. A wine rack that is integrated as part of an island gives it a seamless and elegant look. 

5.     Become a Two-Sink Kitchen
With the kitchen becoming a primary gathering place in today's modern home, having two sinks makes practical sense. You'll instantly have another workspace where food prep can be completed as dishes soak in the other sink.


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