When you need a plumber in Minneapolis, P&D Mechanical is at your service. We are professional plumbers with decades of experience to help with all of your plumbing, heating, and household needs.



For all of your plumbing needs

For basic plumbing repair and or for major plumbing repairs such as replacement of a hot water heater, P&D Mechanical has you covered. Our team of professional plumbers can handle all phases of plumbing, heating and cooling for your home of business.


Damaged Plumbing


Pipe, hot water, gas and Kitchen Work

If you need new pipe installed or if you need pipe repair due to freezing or leaking we can help. We do faucet repair or replacement for drips or valves that do not turn all the way off. For the DIY yourself remodel kind of person, we can help you with all of your plumbing projects. If you need to move gas lines, or drains for a new sink just call us. If you are updating your kitchen and you want to install a garbage disposal, we are the company to call. If your kids are now teens and you no longer have hot water, we can install an on-demand hot water heater so the rest of your family can bathe in luxury.


P&D Mechanical has been helping customers around the Minnesota area for years. We work on large jobs and small jobs. We have built our business around helping everyone when they have a plumbing problem. Just call us we offer free in-home quotes.


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