With your drains being out of sight, they are likely out of your mind each day. In most cases,  homeowners only think about their drain when they are having a problem. However, maintaining your drains is one of the best ways to avoid problems. The following are a few tips you can employ to ensure you are maintaining your drains and avoiding plumbing problems.


Tip #1. Avoid Putting Solids Down Your Drain

A good rule of thumb when it comes to maintaining your drains is, if it can’t dissolve in water then it shouldn’t go down your drain. Although garbage disposals sound tough when they are in use, simple household items can lead to a problem. For instance, placing meat down your garbage disposal will likely stink, and it’ll likely lead to a clog.

However, if you must place solids down your drain, never put food that expands and cut up everything that’s you place in your disposal.

Tip #2. Clean Your Drains

Cleaning your garbage disposal is essential to ensuring that it operates as it should. Fortunately, there are ample garbage disposal cleaners along the aisles of your local department store. To give it a thorough cleaning, hiring a professional who uses proprietary garbage disposal and drain cleaners will ensure that your garbage disposal works as it should.

When you hire a professional, they use septic tank friendly chemicals to clean your system. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about a disruption in the good bacteria that help to maintain your septic system.

Tip #3. Never Pour Grease Down Your Garbage Disposal

Although you may be tempted, it’s important that you never give in to the temptation of throwing grease down your garbage disposal. Grease doesn’t dissolve in water. Furthermore, grease solidifies, making it more likely to clog your plumbing. Instead, toss your unused oil in the trash.

Tip #4. Learn How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal and Drains

Another way to ensure your garbage disposal is working as it should is to maintain it daily. Maintaining your garbage disposal includes buying cleaners that protect your plumbing. When you maintain your garbage disposal, you avoid turning off the grinder and water until the disposal is finished.

At PD Mechanical we are happy to help you maintain your garbage disposal. We have years of plumbing experience, and we are up for the challenge. Whether you need a replacement or a repair, give us a call today.

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