Choosing to purchase a commercial building is a big step for your business. It’s a significant investment. One that should be completed with minimal problems, both now and in the future.

Getting an inspection is one way you can ensure that you are purchasing a business that is structurally sound. To be safe, make sure your inspector inspects these three critical aspects of your building.

The Roof

Your commercial roofing is important to your entire building. It supports the structure from the top down. If the commercial building you are interested in has problems with its roofing, if the problems aren’t easy to fix, then you should consider another building.

The following are a few signs there are problems or there may be future problems with the roofing:

·         Standing water on a flat roof.

·         Water stains on the ceiling.

·         Gaps in the seams of the roof.

·         Mold behind your drop ceiling.

Commercial roofs are durable, so if you notice a problem, then you should alert your inspector during the inspection.


Your HVAC system is responsible for keeping your employees comfortable when they are working. A faulty HVAC system can include one that doesn’t circulate the air properly, one that doesn’t cool, or one that doesn’t work at all. At any rate, commercial HVAC systems are expensive and require a significant time investment. If you notice problems with a system, and you still want to purchase the building, you may want to use it as a negotiating chip.

The Plumbing

Everyone who is in a commercial building will use the bathroom for an extended period of time will need to use the bathroom. In fact, they may need to use it multiple times each day. As such, it’s imperative that your plumbing works properly. Your inspector should look for signs of leaks, blockages, and problems that may prevent wastewater from flowing in the right direction.

At P & D Mechanical, we are industry leaders when it comes to maintaining commercial properties. We help you ensure that your business continually operates. We won’t let you miss money due to plumbing issues or issues with your heating. If you suspect you have a mechanical problem and you live in and around Minneapolis, Plymouth, or Maple Grove Minnesota, give us a call today. We are more than happy to assess your situation, and fix your problem.

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