Do you know what to do when a plumbing emergency such as a broken pike occurs? It is a short list that goes as follows:

Turn off the Main water valve

Broken Pipe

Remain calm don't panic

Angry Client

Call P&D Mechanical

P&D Mechanical


The initial steps during a plumbing emergency are really that simple. If you are not sure where your water main shut off valve is just call us. We can help you prepare for a plumbing emergency by showing you where all of the shut off valves are in your house as well as those that are outside of your home. Being prepared for an emergency helps prevent great damage from water, sewer and gas.

P&D Mechanical has been serving the Minneapolis and Twin Cities areas for decades. If you need a plumber in Minneapolis, P&D Mechanical is the place to call. We handle all types of plumbing repairs from a leaky pipe or faucet to full blown water main gushers. We can help you with remodeling projects such as moving pipes and drains for kitchen and bath remodeling. We handle all of your general plumbing repair and replacement projects with skill and professional training. Let us put our expert plumbers to work repairing all of your plumbing needs. 

Call us today for general or emergency plumbing problems.

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