For years, plumbers have relied on copper pipes and fittings to plumb your home. It offers plumbers and homeowners benefits, including the fact that it can resist bacteria, and resist corrosion it can be used inside and outside. However, with the introduction of PEX piping, many plumbers are using it to plumb homes and make repairs more efficiently.

What Is PEX Piping?

PEX is cross-linked polyethylene that is transformed into tubing. To make the piping, manufacturers have to achieve the perfect balance of cross-linking to ensure the piping isn’t brittle or performs poorly. The creation of a thermoset during manufacturing and the effect of cross-linking are the properties that give PEX its strength and other characteristics.

What Are the Benefits of PEX?

Although plumbers have used copper piping extensively for years, it was a challenge to do so. Copper pipes weren’t flexible and required a lot maneuvering when it came to repairs. Additionally, copper pipes don’t perform well when it comes to freezing temperatures. Many of the repairs associated with plumbing stem from the deficiencies of copper pipes, which makes PEX piping a welcomed addition to a plumber’s arsenal of fixes.

The following are a few of the benefits PEX piping offers compared to copper pipes:

PEX Piping Is Cheaper than Copper Piping

PEX piping allows plumbs to reduce the cost of repairs because it’s significantly cheaper than copper piping. By reducing their repair cost, homeowners, such as yourself, can save money when it comes to plumbing repairs. Since plumbers don’t have to pay as much for their supplies, they can pass those cost savings on to their customers.

PEX Piping Is More Efficient

When it comes to installing and repairing pipes, PEX piping is more efficient. Due to its flexibility, PEX piping can bend and stretch, allowing plumbers to move the piping in a way that conforms to their movements. With copper, plumbers have to move with the piping, which adds additional time to the repair and forces the plumber to work harder.

PEX Requires Few Connections

As a flexible piping system, plumbers can install longer piping and use fewer connections. As a result, there are fewer instances of leaks at the connection of two pipes. With fewer connections, you could avoid more leak repairs.

PEX Expands in Freezing Weather

Where copper bursts due to freezing weather, PEX can expand preventing the chances of your pipes requiring repairs. With the ability to expand, your PEX piping will simply expand until the temperatures warm up so the piping can thaw.

Our team at P & D Mechanical specializes in plumbing, and we see the benefits of PEX. If you are interested in learning more about PEX, or you want to redo the plumbing in your home with PEX, give us a call today to get a quote.

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