Whether you’re interested in buying a house, renovating a house, or building one, you’ve probably wondered about heating systems and which is best. The real question isn’t which is best as any modern heating system is going to work well, but rather which work best for your needs. Ultimately it’s something to discuss with your contractor and the best way to approach the situation is to have a general understanding of how heating systems work and what advantages each style presents.

Heat Pump

The heat pump is the most common heating system used in modern American homes. The system doubles as your air conditioner by moving warm air out of the home in the summer. In the winter, it extracts warm air and moves it to the inside of your house. Although such a concept makes more sense to an engineer who can explain it with mathematical equations, the bottom line is a heat pump is often the most efficient and least expensive way to both heat and cool your home.

Steamed Conversion

Steamed conversion provides health advantages over the heat pump by heating the existing air in your home rather than moving air around to exchange heat between your house and the outdoors. Steam conversion uses a boiler to heat water, converting it from a liquid to a gas, and then uses plumbing pipes to send it to radiators placed throughout the house. As the radiators heat, they in turn heat the rooms they’re in. Steamed conversion systems can be used as a supplemental system to lower power bills while heating a specific room, or can be used to heat the entire house.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating can likewise be used to heat a specific area and lower power bills or can be the main heat source throughout the home. Radiant heating emanates through a consistent system in the floor, thereby eliminating cold spots or areas which don’t receive the effects of other heating styles such as hallways or storage rooms. Radiant heating can be especially comfortable in the bedroom and bathroom, places you tend to be barefoot and feel a cold floor because heat rises.

Different heating systems have different advantages, and no single one is “better” than the others. One system may better serve your home, or a mix of different systems throughout the house might be the best solution for you and your family.

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