In some homes, the basement is an active living space family members use on a daily basis. In others, it’s either unused or a storage space for items used once per year and items that haven’t seen the light of day in ten years. More common is a combination of the two, a small finished room and a large unfinished area housing the water heater, HVAC system, laundry, and storage. Regardless of how you use your basement, there are ways to make your time there more pleasant than to simply go in as needed.

Water Heater Replacement

Although this is probably the last thing on your mind on any given day, water heaters have to be replaced on occasion. With proper maintenance and timely repairs as needed, your water heater’s life can be extended. You don’t need to do a physical water heater check on a daily basis, but if you maintain the area as a place you can comfortably enter you’re more likely to see a small problem before it becomes a major repair project.

Laundry Room

With traditional home design, the laundry room seems to have been a last minute consideration rather than a well thought out aspect of the initial floor plan. Properly designed, you can actually multi-task and be doing laundry while entertaining guests. Having the laundry in the basement, out of sight, is one way to achieve that goal without putting off your guests. A qualified plumber can build the system for you so you have a designated laundry area in the basement. Children’s rooms are still going to have piles of dirty and clean clothes on the floor, but at least you can incorporate a laundry system to keep your own bedroom neat and tidy.

Adding an Extra Bathroom

An extra bathroom always adds value to a house as it provides for more people to live or visit. If you spend time in the basement, a bathroom is almost a necessity so you don’t have to go up and down stairs every time you need to wash hands. Whether or not you recognize it, odds are the basic plumbing is already installed in the floor of your basement so a plumbing contractor can install a bathroom by adding the immediate pipes, valves, and hardware of a toilet, shower, and vanity. The bathroom can be a simple, functional design or can be as fancy as the master bath according to what you feel is needed.

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