Remodeling a kitchen is a project most long-term homeowners are going to address on occasion. Whether you’re flipping a house as an investment or making your own home more personalized to suit your needs, you’re going to work with a contractor and make the kitchen attractive. You already know the cosmetic aspects of the goals you hope to attain, but should be aware of the deeper structural and plumbing issues as well when you approach a kitchen remodel project.

Updating Pipes

You had the home inspected previous to your purchase offer, so you know the pipes are up to code. That doesn’t mean your pipes are great. If you’re working with an older home, pipes may be “grandfathered” in even though they don’t function according to modern standards. If you bought a newer house, the pipes may meet the bare minimum of requirements for current code. During a renovation, it only makes sense to consider whether new piping systems may increase the value and the function of the house.

Water Filtration

Unlike much of the world, in America, tap water is potable and drinkable. That doesn’t mean it always tastes great. There are no pollutants in the water from your faucet, but there are hardeners and softeners, chemicals to sanitize the water which have been proven safe to use, and in some areas the water simply doesn’t taste very good.

Water filtration units can be set up for your entire house, or for a kitchen faucet, according to your needs. Your bath won’t bathe you better but may feel better if you know you’re using perfectly clean water. The water you drink will both taste and be better if you know it has been filtered and is perfectly pure and clean.

New and Extra Faucets

Faucets may be cosmetic on the surface, but there are things going on inside you should be aware of. Assuming no devastating failures with older faucets, water still causes certain things to happen. Corrosion, rot, or mold form over time inside the inner components of a faucet. By replacing a faucet, you not only eliminate such problems but also have the opportunity to upgrade the appearance of your kitchen along with the function of providing clean water safe for you and your family when drinking, washing, or even boiling vegetables. The added benefit is whether you enjoy coffee, tea, or lemonade, your daily drink will taste better and be healthier when made with clean water.

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