It’s estimated that you get a return of 75 to 80 cents on the dollar when you remodel your kitchen. With such a high return, there is no wonder why many homeowners opt to remodel their kitchen every few years. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, the staff at P & D Mechanical can help you with your remodel and help you avoid the following common kitchen remodel mistakes.

Overlooking Your Work Area

Every kitchen should have a work triangle. The kitchen work triangle is based on efficiency. Research shows that placing the sink, stove and refrigerator in a triangle, you exert less effort when you are working in your kitchen. Although many contractors are aware of this concept, your kitchen design could obstruct your kitchen work triangle, making you work harder in your kitchen after the remodel is complete.

Ignoring Your Budget

The design of your kitchen and the items you incorporate into your kitchen can be quite costly. If you are like most homeowners, you don’t have a bottomless barrel of money sitting around. Instead, you have a budget that you and your spouse have agreed to in order to complete the job. Unfortunately, some people set a budget and ignore it. After the work is done, they have an expensive kitchen that didn’t really add value dollar for dollar. We can help you avoid this problem by completing the work for you.

Poor Lighting

If there is any room in your home that needs great lighting, it’s your kitchen. It is in your kitchen where you create masterpieces so that your family can indulge in during your family dinner. In the process of creating your masterpiece, it’s possible that you use knives and other potentially dangerous kitchen utensils. Without adequate lighting, you could injure yourself. Many people fail to incorporate the right lighting in kitchens. Your kitchen remodel should use various types of lighting, including lighting under your cabinet.

Kitchen remodeling mistakes can cost you time, money, and force you to exert more energy than you need to while cooking. At P & D Mechanical, we want to ensure that your kitchen design is functional and within your budget. If you are interested in upgrading your home, do not hesitate to give us a call.


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