Your garbage disposal does a lot of the heavy lifting throughout the day in your kitchen. If you are like most people, you toss a variety of foods down your garbage disposal without thinking about what happens when the food is out of sight. Unfortunately, certain foods can affect how effective your garbage disposal. However, there are things you can do to extend the life of your garbage disposal.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal Periodically

After years of months of use, your garbage disposal will need to be cleaned. When you clean your garbage disposal, it will require more than putting detergent in the drain and running the disposal. You need to clean your garbage disposal thoroughly, so that food waste doesn’t negatively impact its functionality. At P & D Mechanical, we can help you clear your garbage disposal, and help you make repairs to it during the process.

Avoid the Use of Hot Water While Using Your Garbage Disposal

When you use your garbage disposal, turning on your hot water comes naturally to you. In your mind, it’s a good idea because hot water is often used to clean everything. However, using hot water with your garbage disposal can compromise your garbage disposal.

To extend the life of your garbage disposal, you should always run cold water while you are using it. Cold water will ensure that you avoid blockages from liquefied fat, preventing it from getting lodged in your pipes.

Allow Professionals to Fix Your Disposal

Saving money is always at the forefront of homeowner’s minds. As a result, they may attempt repairs on their own. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself projects are typically costlier than hiring a professional. If you consider the real cost of a do-it-yourself project, you waste time and money attempting to fix a problem that may not get fixed the first time.

With a professional repairing your garbage disposal you know it will be completed right the first time, and they guarantee their work. Professional repairs help you keep your garbage disposal running. Additionally, a professional assessment will help you identify ways you may be limiting the life of your garbage disposal.

You rely on your garbage disposal to work. To ensure that you have your garbage disposal longer than average households, you have to maintain the disposal and get professional repairs.

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