Plan ahead for your kitchen remodel. There are a lot of modern features that you can include in your new kitchen. Planning for those new features is an important part of creating a kitchen that is designed to meet your needs and wants. One point of consideration is to combine the skills of your contractor with the skills of a qualified plumbing company, such as P&D Mechanical. If you are the DIY self type of home remodeling person, then call P&D Mechanical to help you with all of the plumbing requirements for your new kitchen. There are quite a few advantages in your favor when you use a professional plumber.

Adjust the Counter Heights

Few things are as troublesome in a kitchen as counters that are the wrong height. Most people just live with that detail because of the trouble it takes to adjust plumbing to new counter height. Plumbing is what we do. For us, fixing your kitchen plumbing so that you can install taller counters is not such a hard task. This is something that we are happy to help with, and it will make your overall kitchen remodel that much more successful.

Adding in Special Features

There are a few special features that people like to add to modern kitchens. One such feature is a second sink. We can help run the hot and cold water lines and also properly tie the drain line into your sewer system. We can install back-flow valves to keep everything sanitary. If you want to add garbage disposals, we can do that too. If you want to add a designated hot water spigot for tea and cooking, we can do that as well. This is a good time to think about features such as an on-demand water heater for the kitchen. Build in some green energy conservation and reduce your monthly costs for gas and electricity.

Water Filtration

An inline water filtration system is an option that many people wish they had installed. There are various models from which to choose. They range from under counter multi-stage systems to spigot systems that attach to the end of your faucet. Along the same line are chilled water lines that produce cold water on demand. We can also run water lines to your refrigerator so that you can have filtered ice and cold water dispensed from your refrigerator.

Kitchen Remodeling

As your plumber in Minneapolis, P&D Mechanical can tell you that the biggest job in kitchen remodeling is often the kitchen plumbing. There are a lot of opportunities that homeowners have when they design the perfect kitchen. Using a licensed and bonded plumber will make your remodel go much smoother. Take advantage of the skill and talents of a professional plumber.


Outdoor Kitchens

Many of the features that we have discussed here can be adapted for outdoor kitchens too. There is no reason that you cannot add a water filtration system, garbage disposal, and hot water to an outdoor kitchen. In fact, doing so will help to raise the value of your property. As more people look for ways to improve their outdoor living space many are turning to year round outdoor kitchens. Even in winter, outdoor kitchens can be plumbed to deliver warmth.



Before you get too involved in your kitchen remodel make a list of all the features you want to have added to your new kitchen. Call P&D Mechanical and ask them for an estimate. They will send a professional plumber over to look at your kitchen and give you a comprehensive estimate so that you can have the kitchen of your dreams. Quality products and quality design are two elements need to add value to your home improvement projects. 


Call us today and let us help you build your new kitchen.


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