If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t pay much attention to your faucets. You turn them on and get water and then turn them off and the water stops flowing. You’re accustomed to having to tap the faucet just a hair to the left so it doesn’t drip after you turn it off, and you don’t think twice about explaining such a feature to your guests. It may be time to consider how well your faucets are actually doing their jobs.


Water Pressure

Water pressure declines so slowly you’ll never notice it on a daily basis until it becomes a problem. At that point, you won’t realize your faucet is clogged and not functioning properly, but instead curse your slow water supply. Guess what? It’s not the water supply. Your faucet is clogged, or worse yet, a portion of the water supply is leaking underneath the house. You need regular inspections to assure your water pressure is up to standard and prevent a higher than necessary water bill for whatever water loss you may not even be aware of.



Oftentimes, your faucets can be repaired. There are nuts and bolts inside every faucet which a professional and experienced plumbing contractor knows how to adjust. There are also gaskets and seals which need occasional replacement as sediment builds up on them. In other cases, there may be a slight but incomplete clog in a pipe which is holding up the proper function of your faucet. Again, it’s a fairly simple repair for a licensed plumber.



Once you have the plumbing contractor at your house, you’ll want to discuss the possibility of replacing the existing faucets. Most homeowners are surprised at how inexpensive it is to buy a new faucet and have it switched out from the old one. Particularly if the old faucet is exceptionally antiquated and no longer fits current modular plumbing systems your plumber may suggest installing a new faucet. Otherwise, it may be a simple as you never liked the design of your faucet and always wanted a new one, so it’s a perfect time and reason to make the replacement.



Talk to a plumbing contractor when you have any doubts about your faucets. If they aren’t working as well as you might expect, they probably aren’t working as well as they were originally designed for.

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