Water leaks may not seem like a major problem, but they are. When left unrepaired they only get worse and your water bill goes up each month. The problems typically come on slowly and aren’t noticed until much later which explains how important it is to pay attention to your pipes and conduct routine maintenance before a much more expensive problem occurs.


Indoor Pipes and Cabinetry

A leak under the kitchen sink or inside a bathroom vanity is out of sight and out of mind, therefore, it may seem unimportant. In worst case scenarios a glass or bucket may be placed under the leak as a “temporary” fix until repairs can be made. The bucket is always placed with the best of intentions, but it’s never drained and the repairs go unattended. The cabinetry was not built to withstand such a high level of moisture. Even the most expensive hardwood cabinetry can rot over time with water damage, the more common manufactured cabinetry materials will be damaged immediately upon exposure to moisture.

Faucet Drips

Whether in the kitchen or bath, leaky faucets are never a good thing. A drip at the rate of one drop per hour can double your water bill over the course of a month simply because a gallon starts with one drop at a time. Faucet drips may seem like a minor nuisance but are far worse than they appear. A leaky faucet can be and needs to be repaired immediately. Putting it off with the thought of completely replacing it later is going to cost much more than the price of repair and the price of a new faucet combined.



Toilets are usually the most overlooked cause of a water leak that never gets repaired. Because of sanitary considerations, toilets are designed with redundancy so primary leaks are contained before they become noticeable to the untrained eye. A water leak around a toilet is fresh water, sewage goes down the drain regardless, but consider how germs thrive in fresh water and think about whether you want a toilet leak to remain or be fixed as soon as possible.

When you have water leaks they have to be repaired. You need a professional, licensed plumbing contractor to appraise the situation and evaluate the extent of repairs which need to be conducted.

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