As the weather gets colder, it’s important that you ensure your boiler or furnace is working properly. A reliable source of heat for your family, your boiler can effectively heat your entire home efficiently. Unfortunately, boilers don’t last forever. Since boilers have limited life spans, assessing your system will help you avoid being without heat. The following are three signs your boiler or furnace may need replacing.

The System Is Old

Each year that your boiler operates it’s subject to a little more wear and tear. If you live in a household where everyone loves to adjust the thermostat, then you can attest to the fact that your system works hard during the colder months. Shifting into gear each time the temperature warrants heat places a certain amount of strain on your system, especially older systems. As the years progress, your system endures more strain, and the symphony of metal parts that used to contribute to a perfect performance begin to fail. After 10 years of use, your boiler may no longer heat as it should. You should consider replacing it after 10 years since that’s the life span of most furnaces.

The Systems Continually Breaks Down

Owning a home means you are responsible for the repairs that are necessary to keep your household in order. Continual repairs are a surefire way to determine whether a system needs replacing. If you find that you have to phone in a repair to your local HVAC specialist in Minneapolis, then you should consider replacing your boiler.

If you continue to cover the repairs, you will quickly realize that you are patching a broken system. The cost of repairs your boiler will soon become expensive, forcing you to consider purchasing a new boiler. Before repairs become too costly, consider getting a new boiler for your home.

The System Isn’t Working Properly

You rely on your heating system to work when you need it. On those frigid mornings, it’s critical for your family members to have the heat they need in order for them to start their day. If your system doesn’t create the heat you need, then you jeopardize the safety of your family.

Additionally, with a failing heating system, you will find that other utility bills will increase. Instead of saving money, you are effectually losing money by continuing to operate the system.


Before it gets too cold, have your boiler examined by a licensed HVAC professional. By inspecting your system, you can reduce the chances that your system will fail this winter.


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