Winter brings much more than cold weather. For homeowners, the winter months are highly challenging because many internal systems are strained by cold weather. Below your flooring or inside your walls, your water pipes are particularly at risk of freezing. When the temperature drops and your pipes become frozen, you run the risk of damaging your home. If you allow your pipes to freeze, there could be severe and costly consequences for your household.

Your Water Pipes May Need Replacing

Without preventive measures to keep water flowing through your pipes, your pipes can easily freeze this winter. When your pipes freeze, you effectively have a block of ice in your pipes with nowhere to go. Making matters worse, water expands when it freezes. At a certain point, the frozen ice will require more room than your pipes have to give, forcing your pipes to burst. When this happens, you will need to contact a local plumber in order to repair your pipes.


Your Home Could Flood

Busted water pipes aren’t the only potential problem resulting from frozen water pipes. If your water main is still on after the pipe bursts, then you could potentially flood your home.


Your busted water pipe frees the otherwise trapped, free-flowing water that’s behind the ice in your pipe. With the frozen water no longer preventing the water from flowing, the water that normally flows through your pipe can flow throughout your home.


A flooded home is an expensive repair. Even a few inches of water can result in thousands of dollars of restoration work. Additionally, home floods damage heirlooms and other memorabilia that can’t be replaced.


Your Household Will Be Without Water

Beyond the damage to your pipes and the interior of your home, a busted pipe means your family will be without water. Being without running water in your home is an experience like none other. You don’t have the ability to flush your toilets, wash clothes, or clean your home. Without water, your home can quickly become unsanitary, which could lead to family members becoming sick easily during the cold and flu season.


Although you don’t come in contact with your pipes every day, your water pipes are an integral aspect of your home. You should talk to P&D Mechanical in Minneapolis to determine the best way for you to protect your pipes so that they will not freeze this winter.


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