If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never thought much about heating systems for your house unless you’ve had problems keeping the home warm during the winter months. Traditional wood fires are rarely used these days, or gas logs may be nice for a decorative touch while supplementing heat in a main room at the expense of heating side rooms. Typically, depending on the age of the house it most likely has either a gas or oil heater, or a heat pump.


Heat Pump

Of the available options, heat pumps are becoming the new standard for new homes and when older systems need replacement. The heat pump is an efficient and eco-friendly system that moves warm air from one place to another rather than providing heat by burning fuel. It doubles as an air conditioner in the summer, moving heat out of the house instead of into it. Just because the heat pump is a common heating system doesn’t mean it’s the best for every situation. Ambient heat and steamed conversion systems are also efficient ways to heat your home.


Ambient Heat

Radiant floor heating, or ambient heat, is one of the most comfortable systems available. It eliminates drafts by heating evenly throughout the home from the floor up rather than blowing into the room though vent shafts arbitrarily located according to local building codes. Ambient heat is especially comfortable in the bedroom and bath, areas you tend to be barefoot, as heat coming directly from the floor is nicely luxurious for your feet.


Steamed Conversion

Steam conversion is another efficient and safe system that eliminates a common problem with HVAC systems blowing air through dusty ventilation. The steam conversion system appears like a traditional oil radiator but runs steam through the pipes to provide heat to the room. The system is not complicated, requiring very few repairs for years to come, and when needed the typical repairs aren’t usually very expensive. It’s simply a matter of making sure the pipes remain clear with a low steam pressure running through them to provide the heat needed for the home, or as a supplemental heat source for a single room as needed.



Whether you’re building a new home or replacing the heat system in an older house, consider the available heating options and consult with a professional such as P&D Mechanical Contracting for advice and suggestions as to what will best suit your needs.

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