As a homeowner, you tend to overlook household problems that don’t interfere with your daily activities. However, many of the little things on your to-do list can cost you money. In particular, small problems you overlook with your toilet could equate to you throwing money down the drain. The following are a few toilet repairs that cost you money in the end.


A Running Toilet

After a while, the sound of a running toilet can become so familiar, you ignore it. Something as minor as your toilet constantly running has no direct impact on your ability to use the facilities, and it may not have a significant impact on your water bill. However, it is costing you money. Many plumbing professionals can have this problem remedied in a few hours. Most of the time, only the fill valve needs to be replaced, and then voila! You no longer have a running toilet.


A Leaky Toilet

Another problem that you may ignore is a leaky toilet. All too often, owners think they are too busy to get their toilet repaired, but each day they don’t, they are spending more money on their water bill. If a leaky toilet is allowed to leak for a year, you could waste up to 20,000 gallons of water, which is about $840 a year.


A Weak Flush

After a while, you may notice that it takes more than one flush for everything in the bowl to go down. Although it may seem like a problem with your water pressure, it may be a problem with your toilet. After having your plumbing checked, if the problem still persists, you should have your toilet checked. A weak flush, one that doesn’t clear everything in the bowl, can often indicate a problem with your flap. Problems with your flap can generally be fixed the same day, and save you money on your water bill.


There are many other toilet repairs that may go unnoticed that cost you money. As a homeowner, it’s always in your best interest to fix plumbing problems around your house before they become too complicated. Problems with your toilet can easily become a major plumbing problem if you don’t take care of them as soon as possible.

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