Winter is coming, and there are ways you can prepare. Annual inspections of your heat pump and overall HVAC system should be first on your to-do list. Even if your system seems to be working okay, there are certain maintenance routines that are required to assure it doesn’t fail to serve you at the most unfortunate time. At your home or office, a routine inspection will save you the inconvenience of having to stop everything you’re trying to do while waiting for an HVAC technician to come repair your system.

Lower Heating Bills
You may not notice that your heating bill is a few dollars more expensive than last year, or you may think the cost of electricity has gone up and it simply costs a little more to run. What is less likely to be considered is that your heat pump isn’t running as efficiently as it did last winter. Motors need to be lubricated, belts and gaskets need to be treated, and electric circuits need to be cleaned in order for the unit to run at peak efficiency. If these maintenance routines aren’t performed, the unit is struggling harder than it should to keep up with your needs and is going to draw more power to accomplish the same task. Of course, if your unit is drawing more power for inefficient operation the power company is going to charge you for the electricity you’re actually using rather than the electricity you should be using.

Less Emergency Repair
The worst case scenario is that your heat pump fails and stops working on a cold winter day. Whether you work as a professional dishwasher or a CEO, you’re in the same boat and have to stop everything else to get your heat fixed before you can get back to your daily job. To add insult to injury, emergency repairs are typically more expensive than routine preventative maintenance. There are charges for parts that could have been saved but now must be replaced due to excessive wear. Shipping costs may be exaggerated for next day delivery since you can’t wait for normal delivery times. There may be after hours fees for the repair crew to work in the evening or over the weekend.

If it seems an inconvenience, consider the consequences of going into winter without a properly functioning heating unit. It’s much easier to prevent a problem than deal with it when it happens.

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