Transforming your home into an eco-friendly oasis requires you to consider a lot of options for the existing systems in your home. One system, your water heater, may require your attention. Traditional hot water heaters are less efficient than tankless heaters, so installing a tankless heater may be on your to-do list. The following are some aspects of the conversion you should consider before purchasing your tankless water heater.

Assess Household Usage

One of the main drivers that make tankless water heaters an efficient means to warm your water is usage. Households that use more water rely on bulky systems to heat water throughout the day. Fortunately, with a tankless water heater, you will have instant hot water when you need it, but you have to consider what size tank will accommodate your family. 


To purchase the right size unit for your family, consider when the water heater is frequently used . If you find that a smaller unit won’t deliver the amount of hot water to multiple bathrooms when it matters most, consider a larger tank.

Estimate Your Savings

Tankless water heaters use advanced technologies that help your household take advantage of hot water whenever you need it. In addition to providing you with hot water instantly, the system doesn’t have to work all day long, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption. Before you purchase your tankless system, estimate how efficient the system is so that you can reap the financial benefits of installing a tankless system quicker. 

Determine Electrical Needs

Although a tankless water heater is an entirely different system than your electrical system, your tankless water heater may require you to update some aspects of your electrical system. For instance, some tankless heaters require more voltage than your regular water heater, which will require you to contact a licensed electrician for your installation. You can rely on your licensed plumber or HVAC specialist to find an electrician that is capable of performing the upgrades. 

If you want an eco-friendly home, a tankless water heater is an excellent investment to help you conserve energy. With a tankless water heater installed, you save energy, and you save money on your utility bills each month. Before you begin the project, talk to a licensed specialist to determine everything you need to make your tankless water heater operate efficiently. 

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