Water leaks are a major problem for individuals with homes. Water leaks can lead to flooding in your home that causes damage to other areas. However, when you are facing a water leak and your home is on a slab, then you have a set of unique challenges you have to face. 

Locating a Slab Water Leak

Slab leaks are challenging because they can be anywhere underneath your home and tearing up your floor isn’t an option. There are some steps you can take to isolate where the slab leak may be including:

•    Determine what faucets are affected. By examining your water pressure, you can help you determine the general location of your slab leak. 
•    Listen for running water. After turning everything off, you can hear water flowing underneath your slab.
•    Assess temperature fluctuations in flooring. If you have a hot or cold water leak you will be able to locate the leak by examining temperature fluctuations in your flooring.
•    Examine cracks and warps in your flooring. Water damage can make tiles crack and your wood warp, if you see this, then the leak could be below the damaged flooring.

It’s important to keep in mind that plumbing work is extremely complex and requires the expertise of a professional to ensure quality work. Although you may be able to isolate where the slab leak is, it is important that you contact a professional to actually do the work.

Determine an Appropriate Fix

With a slab leak, you have a few options for the fix. You can choose to fix the leaky water pipe or you can choose to redirect your plumbing overhead. Fixing the leaky pipe is helpful when you are short on time and you need plumbing work completed as soon as possible. Additionally, fixing the leaky pipe can be less disruptive to your family’s daily routine.

Rerouting your plumbing work overhead also has major benefits. For one, you will no longer have to worry about your pipes freezing in the winter. The air overhead is warmer, providing your pipes with greater protection than if they were under your slab. Additionally, overhead plumbing work makes it easily accessible when you need to have work done. For you, easily accessible work equates to reduced repair costs when you need repairs.

Having a slab leak can be a cumbersome repair. Fortunately, partnered with the right professional, you can easily have your slab leak fixed in a weekend.

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