Does the plumber's house really have a leaky pipes?

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Any good plumber in Minneapolis would not allow pipes to leak in their own homes. We all know the damage that a single leaking faucet can do over the course of a year. We have seen the damage first hand in other people's homes. Rotten wood, mold, and added expense for repairs and replacement. No, good plumbers allow anything to drip, leak, or cause damage to their homes.

Leak Pipe

Homes are expensive

Whether you live there or have rental properties, never allow pipes to leak. A leaking pipe is just a warning of what can happen when the pipe gives out and water or sewage floods your home. The expense of cleaning up mold should be enough to frighten most home owners into calling the best Minneapolis plumbers. A lot of people do not understand the danger of mold. It is not even the toxicity that large colonies of mold can inflict. It is the fact that mold and mildew are consuming the surface on which they are living. Over time Mold can weak support structures. Mold cannot live where there is not water. A leaking pipe is an open invitation for mold to start colonizing. Plumbing repairs are cheap compared to dealing with major water damage or mold damage. 

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