Your hot water heater is probably the type of plumbing component that you rarely give much thought to. After all, as long as it is operating smoothly, you have little reason to give it much more than a passing thought. Being without a hot water heater that functions at its optimum level of performance, though, can wreak havoc on your life. Fortunately, most hot water heaters give you some definitive signs when they are beginning to work less efficiently. 

Water Quality Diminishes

A reduction in the quality of your water is often the first sign of an issue with your water heater. You might notice that the hot water runs out more quickly, for example. Another scenario arises if your hot water heater is not able to bring the water up to the temperature that you need it to be. You might notice, for instance, that the water does not warm up to a level beyond lukewarm regardless of how long you let it run. 

Your Family is Growing

Eventually, your hot water heater simply cannot keep up with the demands of your family or your lifestyle. If your family was small when you moved into your Minneapolis home, and you have since added a few more children or your mother-in-law has come to live with you, the hot water heater that was fine at first might not be able to meet the additional demands placed on it. 

Your Hot Water Heater is Aging

While most hot water heaters have a manufacturer's warranty of five to ten years, their lifespan after that point is uncertain. If your hot water heater is older than about 10 to 15 years, though, has noise problems such as knocking or clanging or is unable to provide you with the amount and temperature of hot water you need, you probably need to replace it. 

It Starts Leaking

A leaking hot water heater warrants a call to a plumber that serves the Maple Grove, Minneapolis and Plymouth areas. Standing water located around the hot water heater indicates that there is at least a small leak in the unit. Quick action while the problem is minor can help prevent a large leak and subsequent flooding that can cause serious damage in your home. 

Consulting with a professional plumber about any questions or concerns you have about the hot water heater in your Maple Grove home can help keep you in comfort for years to come. 

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