Hard water: you’ve probably heard the term thrown around before, but only have a vague idea of what it meant. Though it isn’t scientific by any means, it tends to refer to water that has a high mineral content, which, according to LiveScience, can include calcium and magnesium. While these minerals aren’t considered dangerous to your health, they can be dangerous to your plumbing work in a variety of ways.

Ridding your home of hard water is first accomplished by understanding the havoc it can wreak. P&D Mechanical, your Robbinsdale plumbing and heating work experts, discusses that in detail below.

Water Piping Buildup

In small levels, minerals in your water are relatively benign. Add a little time to the equation, though, and things go quickly in the other direction. As you continue to use hard water in your home, it can create buildup in your water piping and water heater, potentially straining them both and costing you money and stress when you experience a service interruption.

Fixture Buildup

Forget your water piping for a moment. Let’s swap gears to your faucets and showherheads, because they can go under siege from hard water, too! Minerals, over time, can gum up their inner workings, resulting in a disappointingly low-pressure shower or a faucet that suddenly gives up the ghost out of nowhere.

Gross Films and Stains

That rusty stain in your previously pristine porcelain tub? If it’s not isolated and from someone forgetting to put their shaving cream away, it’s probably thanks to hard water. What’s worse than adding something to your already packed to-do list: the fact that hard water stains are tough as all get-out and that the problem will keep reoccurring until you tackle it at its root. We won’t even go into the film hard water can leave behind on your shower door!

How Do I Fix it?

Simple: you call a plumbing work pro and get a water softener installed. These machines use reverse osmosis, mechanical means, or ion exchange, according to The Spruce, to handle your home’s hard water problem. What type of water softener works best for your family will be a topic to broach with your plumber—though the ion-exchange models, which require those large bags of salt you can buy at gas stations and grocery stores, are the most common.

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