Now that an end is in sight for the long and cruel winter season of 2014 - 2015 in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, and there are definitive hints of spring that seem to be the new normal, you are probably not in the mood to think about your heating system. In fact, the last thing you want think about is heating your home for those coming winters months that will arrive all too soon. In spite of this, though, now is exactly the right time to think about the type of heating system you want for your Maple Grove, Minnesota home -- for the next heating season and long into the future. 

Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating

In addition to being the wave of the future in heating systems, radiant floor heating provides homeowners with a number of advantages that can make its addition to any home a positive one. 

  • Quiet and unseen. Radiant floor heating, unlike traditional heating systems, is hidden. Because it heats your home via a network of electric wires or water tubes that are buried beneath your floor, you never see the evidence of a radiant floor heating system. You are not subjected to the noise of a radiator gearing up to heat your home nor do you need to be concerned about a baseboard heating unit marring the beauty of your rooms. 
  • Environmental factors. Dust that is spewed from heating vents as the air is forcefully emitted from them can result in serious respiratory issues for family members in your Maple Grove home, especially if they are sensitive to airborne pollutants. Radiant floor heating gently warms from the ground up with no stirring up of dust and other microscopic particles. 
  • Energy efficient. As the water tubes or electric wires heat up the floor of your Plymouth home, this heat radiates to other objects nearby. This causes those objects to warm up as well. As the warmth spreads evenly, it does not demand as much energy to keep your home at a steady temperature.

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