Your water heater is your lifeline this winter season—metaphorically and literally. It’s sure nice to come home from work to a nice warm shower or to have a machine that cleans your dishes with hot water at the push of a button! In a more physical sense, though, it becomes difficult to survive altogether without some form of hot water in the wintertime, especially if an emergency cuts power and your gas water heater is the only source of warmth you have left.

It’s thus critical to prevent service interruptions during the cold season, and P&D Mechanical is here to help. Below, we’ll show you a few plumbing work tips to keep this ultra-important appliance going strong.

Regular Professional Maintenance Is Key

Ideally, a person goes to the doctor once yearly for a physical. While nothing may be wrong, it’s a “maintenance” appointment to make sure stuff stays that way. You’ll reap much the same advantages with regular professional maintenance and attention when it comes to your plumbing system! In fact, it’s the number-one way to keep your water heater healthy and the number-one way to avoid emergency water heater replacement.

Plus, just because nothing is wrong with your plumbing work doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. Your pro will also suggest usage tips that can prolong the life of your appliances—such as your water heater.

Dial it Down a Bit

The United States Department of Energy recommends that, generally, your water heater be set at roughly 120 degrees fahrenheit; it also goes on to say that many water heaters come installed at 140 degrees, so be sure to head down to the basement—or wherever yours is located—and make sure you’re not asking for heat you don’t need. Not only is it expensive, but if your water heater is working too hard that can contribute to its premature demise.

If you think you need your system adjusted, it’s best to call a pro! Water and electricity, if your water heater uses it, don’t mix, and the 120-degree recommendation isn’t suitable health-wise for all households.

Regular Flushing Is Required

Though your water may be perfectly safe to drink, its prolonged presence in your water heater can lead to the accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the tank, which encourages rust growth and machine deterioration. Call a pro and schedule service to make sure things stay squeaky clean and don’t compromise your water heater or health.

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